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About Mission 5 & 2

Mission 5 & 2 offers youth sports programs that value and foster respect for everyone,
starting with a hand shake (5)
and eye contact (2).

We offer opportunities for kids to participate in sports providing teachable moments every step along the way about sportsmanship, competition, humility, perseverance and teamwork. Since everyone is fighting a battle most people know nothing about, Mission 5 & 2 believes that every human interaction should be framed by kindness.

Can you help us spread the Mission?


Ray of Hope: A conversation about diversity, equity and inclusion

Meet Mr. Mission 5 & 2 - we have found him! In listening to this Kelly Corrigan Wonders Podcast last Fall, we were introduced to a man named Anthony Ray Hinton, who served almost 30 years on Alabama's death row for crimes he did not commit. Bryan Stevenson, a lawyer and social justice activist, has worked to shine a light on the bias and racism against minorities in the criminal justice system for many years. Mr. Stevenson founded the Equal Justice Initiative and through their efforts, Mr. Hinton was declared wrongly accused of double murder in 2015 and other charges and finally set free.  Mr. Hinton embodies everything we need to teach our kids about diversity, equity and inclusion and living in a non-judgmental way. This message coming from a man treated so despicably - who chose freedom in captivity, caring over indifference, love over hate - carries so much weight that his story demands attention. We, as his fellow Americans, owe him that right.

Please help us bring him to Philadelphia and join NY Times bestselling author, podcaster and host of PBS's Tell Me More Kelly Corrigan as she helps us get to know Mr. Hinton in this important conversation. This is a FREE event because we feel as though it will be a worthwhile and powerful message for all in attendance.

In addition native Philadelphian Omar Tate will be interviewed. Omar is a Philadelphia chef and artist creating a community center in West Philadelphia that will include a supper club, grocery shop, meat market, cafe library. Tate’s new center aims to be more than a place to buy food; it aims to be a place that will nourish the community by offering a beautiful and diverse space where people are respected, because Omar believes we all desire respect, dignity, and cleanliness in our neighborhoods and community. both interviews will air on PBS in Fall 2022!

Multi-Sport & Service Summer Camp ~ Est. 2015

Sponsor donations will help supply campers with materials needed to complete various service projects. This Summer we expect 120 Campers ages 5-11 largely from the Main Line and Haverford Township area. We aim to keep camp fees low while providing a quality experience with paid staff and ample opportunities for the kids to contribute to worthy causes.

Champions Club ~ Est. 2018

Mission 5 & 2 runs a recreation program for kids with special needs. Sponsor contributions will help pay for facility rental and equipment purchases for the kids to enjoy a top-notch experience at little to no cost for their family. We also love to treat the parents with a gift card to a local restaurant! Participants range in age from 8-15 and live in the Main Line and Delaware County area.



Sponsor a Camper/ Champion ~ $100
Provide a donation that would go directly toward the Mission 5 & 2 Scholarship Fund for kids who request financial assistance for Summer Camp or the Champions Club. Mission 5 & 2 has never turned away a participant due to financial hardship and we hope to continue to offer quality opportunities for all interested children.

“Good to Great” Fund ~ $250
Since transitioning from “for profit” BETTERBALL, Inc to non-profit Mission 5 & 2 in 2016, we have been committed to running programs that focus on more than just the x’s and o’s. We greatly value character development! Donations to our “Good to Great” fund will enhance our overall operations, namely staff training resources, staff pay, facility rentals, to ensure the Mission 5 & 2 mantra is evident in all aspects of our programs.


* Estimated reach Spring/Summer 2022: 1,200 participants
* Option to sponsor a specific program as described above or unspecified sponsorship

Lay-up ~ $500
* Recognition on Mission 5 & 2 website
* Email to participating families highlighting your partnership

3-Pointer ~ $750
* Recognition on Mission 5 & 2 website
* Email to participating families highlighting your partnership
* Social Media recognition

Slam Dunk ~ $1,000

* Recognition on Mission 5 & 2 website
* Email to participating families highlighting your partnership
* Social Media recognition
* Company literature and signage on display during programs

Mission 5 & 2 is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, contributions to which are deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law.  
EIN 81-4088287

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